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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Looking ahead

I've had a hard time getting back into the daily production routine. There are several factors and essentially I just have to suck it up and get on with life. Meaning I have to make my motivation since it doesn't appear to be ready and waiting.

Here's the good stuff :)

The Annual Fall Home Studio Sale went better than ever.
I have sold nearly every one of my pie bakers.
I have sold every one of my Apple Bakers.
I brought back the oil candles and they seem to be going quickly too.
I think I have solved my glaze problems
I have a ton and a half of clay ready for production.

Here's the bad stuff :(

I am out of clay for the Pie Bakers and Oil Candles, Eathenware and Porcelain.
I am having trouble going to work, I am blaming it on my annual bout of SAD, I am waking up with the light at 8 and just don't have the drive, by evening I'm ready to lay in front of the fire and watch movies.. I'll kick it in soon, never fear.
I still have some special orders to fill. I have plates, many plates to make..some regular, some pasta.

But I seem to have run out of time.

I need to go get some clay for my best sellers. 6 hours out of a day gone, we have Friday night set up at the event this weekend, Sales on Saturday till 8ish.Sunday AM tear down and then We are supposed to go to NJ for Ro's father's Birthday and Thanksgiving on Tuesday through Friday. I feel like...should I bother to work for the next couple days? Should I go tomorrow to get the clay I need, then throw the pie bakers so they are done ASAP?

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