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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Where DID it go?

The day.

I swear I just rolled out of bed and started on my way to the clay supplier. However here it is 6:30 at night and I am sitting in the Barnes and Noble bookstore waiting for Morgan to come from Tae Kwon Do. How he is going to have the energy for that after moving 1800 lbs of clay for me I don't know. He's a beast!

This is kind of unusual for me since he normally drives himself, but I haven't yet given him free use of a vehicle since his accident. Occasional yes, but not so that he would expect it. I want him to appreciate what he had and what he is going to have again. He is doing well. After this weekend he'll have $400 put away towards the purchase of another vehicle, maybe little more since I am planning on paying him for helping me out in the studio too. He's been relentlessly searching the ads looking for something just right. He really misses the neon and has found several, but all have had significant problems. There's something we'll look at tomorrow, I can't remember exactly what, but it seemed to be just above POS status and less than a serious used car. Perfect for a new driver.

So while I wait for him, I thought I'd write a little and think about the work I need to complete. I just bought 2000lbs of stoneware, 250lbs of a basic porcelain and 50 lbs of "english" porcelain which will be translucent when thin. I also picked up 100lbs of red earthenware to make more pie plates. We will start a pie plate revolution.

So what am I doing?

Tonight: assembling and pulling handles for 4 teapots and pulling the handles for 7 more soup mugs. I've already started both these projects and just need to finish them.

Then I wedge.

Here's the list:

150 1.5lb mugs
50 1.75lb Tankards
16 Pie Plates
25 1.5lb porcelain oil candles. Yes, they're coming back. I used to make a lot of these years ago, but stopped when I read some scary stories about potters being sued out of existence when peoples pets knocked them over and their houses burned to the ground. I am going to trust this won't happen to me and resume making one of the best selling items I ever had. They are particularly wonderful in the fall and winter.

and from the English porcelain I plan on some luminaries not unlike the slumped glass ones that are quite popular now, except mine will be porcelain and will have a hauntingly lovely soft white glow directly through the porcelain, almost as if it were truly glass. I have already made my first one and I'll be test firing it ASAP. I will be sure to post pictures.

I also have several special orders I need to complete. A big platter, some plates, another try on the failed pieces from last week. Damn is my work cut out for me.

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