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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Way Fruit Farm Fall Festival

It was quite an event. Not entirely what I was expecting, not entirely bad either. I have to say I have never seen such a huge happy crowd without managing to sell a bunch of stuff. Not that the day was entirely without sales, but it was slow and I am not sure exactly why, except people were mostly there for the apples and pumpkins and not so much there for the crafts and artisans. Some people seemed to have been unprepared for actual shopping.

The day itself was kind of cold and gray throughout the morning until the mid-afternoon when skies cleared up and it became a beautiful afternoon. The weather didn't seem to affect attendance. There was a huge crowd all day. There were a lot of kids who were just loving the pumpkins.And there seemed to be a whole lot of kid oriented activities such as the lawn tractor driven ride for kids. Very cute, but noisy as hell and our booth often became a place for parents to wait for their kids to come back..they stood facing the crowd strollers blocking our booth and chatted. Made me a little grumpy ok a LOT grumpy. And the train driver was rude enough to leave the tractor on while waiting for kids to exit and enter which was really loud and blew a lot of exhaust our way. Tractor guy was not our favorite guy ever.

They also had these huge wagons which they took people out into the fields to pick their own pumpkins. It looked like fun, but I was working so I couldn't go.

We did speak to a lot of people who wondered if we were "the people on the corner" and if we made the mugs for Webster's which I thought was a good sign. It means people are recognizing us and our work. We also spoke to a lot of people who said they had wa ted to stop by our sales but had never quite had enough time. We added a number of people to our mailing list and invited quite a few to out next scheduled home studio sale and I also took a special order for a mug with a letter medallion on it. All in all well worth going to.

We'll be back next week with a few more pieces and hopefully some of the customers who were unprepared for us will stop by again too.

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