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Monday, October 26, 2009

One minute I am waking up

The next I am ready to pass out. I overslept this morning by 2 hours, not so bad considering I have/am the nicest boss in the world. I chastised myself lightly and got to work. Ro came and helped, we put handles and medallions on a bunch of Webster's mugs. Broke for lunch and came back to do some more. I was just getting ready to mix a glaze when Morgan called me, ready to purchase the new car, a bright red Paseo to replace the Neon he destroyed in an accident a month ago. So we went and took care of the paperwork. He's saved 1/2 the cost, We're financing the rest and I think he'll be getting some contributions from other family to help. He's done a good job saving for it and I'm proud of him. He's ecstatic to have his own wheels again. I just hope he continues to remember this is his senior year and school is his top priority.

After returning from the paperwork, we went back to the studio, mixed a glaze and got started on the glazing and loading. It is firing now. This kiln has the plates that were special ordered at the beginning of the faire season as well as some small plates and some other special orders. (Bob the Pirate..your other mug is in this kiln too!)
I finished up with the glazing around 11 and decided I didn't have it in me to throw anymore so I decided to wedge for tomorrow. These cat litter boxes contain the clay for 40 round mugs and 24 soup mugs all wedged and ready to go.

One of the 2lb balls I wedged didn't fit in the bucket so I quickly threw myself a new giant mug. This one is all mine and it'll probably hold about 35 oz when finished. BZZZZZZ caffeine!

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