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Friday, October 16, 2009

Full Ware Boards

Since Elliot let me know yesterday that the PA Renaissance Faire booth was grossly understocked I have had to make a few things to get it ready for the final 2 weeks. This weekend doesn't really count in my mind because it's snowing..really. Snowing. WTF! I'm dreaming of a white HALLOWEEN! Anyway, I worked on more mugs for Webster's, more mugs for us, as well as tankards, rice bowls and oil candles for the Faire. It was hard to work this evening. I just wanted to curl up on the couch with a mug of tea and watch stupid Halloween movies but I pressed on. Ro did her part by loading all the mugs I handled yesterday into the kiln and doing some tidying in the studio as well as helping me dig out the boxes of porcelain. It really helped me push on to get the final few things made,

It seems a little damp in the studio so I think tomorrow will be more throwing. We've decided not to go to Way's for the second weekend,apparently we're in for another 3-4 inches overnight. it's not going to be above 38 all day tomorrow. I am just not that tough. I can't set up in the cold and hang out all day. My hands are aching right now. Maybe if I am lucky Ro will rub them a bit before we fall asleep. I've already had 3 ibuprofin.

Tomorrow Morgan is running off for a karate workshop with Karate legend Bill "Superfoot" Wallace. He's been researching him all week because apparently he's going to get a chance to spar with him. How cool is that? I wish him well.

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