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Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Happenings

Not least for me.Rowan was the one out in the world doing stuff. She worked at the Oasis preparing for tonight's Tea Leaf reading class, then took a break to present her daughter to the crowd for Senior Night at the football game. She then returned for the class. Got all dressed up, created a fantastic mood and most unfortunately, NO ONE SHOWED UP. She was sad.

I was at home pulling handles all day. And what a lot of handles there were. I am pleased to report ALL the Webster's mugs are now made. We'll be loading the bisc kiln in the AM. I also got a good start on soup mugs. The next week will be all about finishing a few more special orders and prepping for our home studio sale. I have a lot on my list to do. Pie Plates, more Oak Leaf Platters, Pitchers, Creamers, Butter Keepers, Apple Bakers, Goblets, Tankards, Round Mugs, Small Bowls, wee bowls and Teapots. Maybe a few larger covered jars, we'll see. OH and a few vases for the Raku firing. *sigh* sounds like a lot.

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