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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Settling in

Being back in the studio all day yesterday was nice. It has been difficult to get started after taking so long off. I had some cleanup to do, a lot of wedging to do and I just had to let go and get into the groove. I did that yesterday :) I am feeling much better about things. Today I have 28 goblets to assemble first, then perhaps trimming the mugs I threw yesterday, but I doubt if they will be ready, so I am planning on throwing more. On the list for this week are:

20 Tankards
20 soup mugs
5 big bowls
5 pie plates
50 more round mugs
perhaps a tagine :) we'll see

There's so much I want to get done, but I have to have enough for a basic setup at PPD in Erie next weekend, so instead of throwing hundreds of one item then moving on I am having to cut it short and just fill a table.

I have a 2000 pot goal by Dec 1 we'll see if I can come close :) trying to get ahead on production so rushing doesn't happen.

I kind of want to take some time and make more things to feed my soul, but I have to get going on the list :) One of the soul feeding things I want to make are some decorative vases, like the one in front in the picture :)

Maybe I can squeeze a couple in :) at least they don't require a lot of trimming or long pulled handles. They might require some small ones though.Hmmmmmm. After I get done with this weeks list I'll get started on a new round of mugs for Webster's. 100 of those :) as well as a couple of special orders. I love walking in to Webster's and seeing my mugs in use. It's very fulfilling.

I am also thinking of reviving the oil candles I used to make. I stopped making them after I read about a potter getting sued out of existence when a customers cat knocked one over and burned down their house. Scary stuff, but mine are a very stable and safe design. I might even make them from porcelain.

Much to think about, but even more to do.

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  1. hi charles, 2000 by dec. 1! wow, you are a better man than i. sounds like a whole lot throwin' goin' on. thanks for the suggestion about online storage, i'll have to check it out. not really looking forward to uploading with dsl as it's much slower going up than coming down.