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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Moment to Plan

This morning I am sitting at the "50's and Fabulous" event sponsored by Forever Broadcasting. I'm here passing out informational brochures and recruiting volunteers for The Creative Oasis. So far it has been pretty quiet. There are a few of the vendors wandering around, but no one else is here yet. I am sure at some point there will be an influx. Conveniently, the place has WiFi so I have been able to read my morning news consisting of about 100 different pottery blogs I follow, update Facebook and have my coffee. Thankfully I stopped at Sheetz, because there is no coffee to be found here..and I was not in any condition to be without caffeine this morning.

I finished up a series of tankards last night as well as a series of a new style of mug for me people have been calling 'the afternoon coffee mug' which other people call 'the Fran mug' and I was considering my open-face 'travel mug' no lid, but it'll fit nicely into the cup holders in cars. People have been very enthusiastic to get them. I may need to throw more tonight to meet the pre-sold demand.

So here's my throwing plan:

2 ginormous pasta Serving bowls
6 Pasta Bowls
2 Lg Pitchers
1 Sm Pitcher
10 Large Bowls
2 Crocks
10 Sugar Bowls
10 Creamers
10 Large T Pots
10 Butter Keepers
100 Mugs for Webster's
20 Goblets

The work is progressing nicely. I have a kiln full of cereal bowls, tumblers and wee bowls now. By tomorrow night I'll have another load of mugs and bowls to go in. Looks like I'll be tied to the studio all weekend, but there's a lot of beautiful work coming out so it's worth every minute of the beautiful fall sunshine I've missed so far.

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  1. Damn -- why didn't I know about this event? I'm assuming "50's and Fabulous" refers to an age, not a decade in the 20th century.