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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Another full day

Ro and I both worked our tushes off today. All day and apparently into tomorrow as it is now 1AM.

I broke down all the boxes in the studio..discovered 2 more boxes of clay I didn't even know I had under the pile. Found this nifty giant cricket. Then I did some reclaim and some sweeping of trimmings and then mixed up two batches of glaze.

While I was doing this, Ro had completely cleaned the porch, decorated for fall and now wanted to install a new light we had bought over a year ago and never gotten around to installing. She did the work, I was the helper, then we went to the basement to install a new 2 way halogen light over the kiln and washer. It was a pain in the ass didn't work out as well as expected. Apparently it is part of the kitchen circuit and we left two wires which had no current unattached. Now the kitchen lights don't work. Tomorrow we'll correct the situation. The basement lights work just fine!

After the installation partial-fail I moved a freestanding lamp to the kitchen so Ro could work her Italian magic in the Kitchen. She made homemade Manicotti and served up a delicious dinner to me, Catherine and her newish boyfriend Reid. Morgan was supposed to be there too but he apparently fell asleep at a friend house and arrived just after Cath and Reid left. I believe his story is suspect.

After the marvelous dinner I washed a load of dishes and went back to the studio and trimmed and assembled goblets and started waxing pieces to be glazed. Ro put away a ton of laundry and stored a bunch of blankets and stuff we don't normally used in some of those giant vacuum bags. It worked out very well!

It's been a very productive day. Tomorrow I glaze and load, then load another bisque and then perhaps start on the mugs I need to throw. Somewhere in the morning I believe we'll also be fixing that light. I think we may take a break on Tuesday and take a short trip to see the Strictly functional pottery show in Lancaster, PA. Always good to see what people are doing and what the state of the craft is.

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