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Monday, July 20, 2009

Snakes in the Well

After a long time on the market, we're in the middle of negotiating a short sale on the Erie house. When all the tests were done, we ended up with a high bacteria count in the well and they suggested we "shock" the well. Since the count was probably high just because the water was not being pumped on a regular basis. So Our Mission was to open the well house, take off the well cap, turn off the pump, dump a gallon of bleach into the well, turn the pump back on, and leave it sit for 3 days before running the system clean. We got a big surprise. I lifted the heavy roof off the well house and Rowan said "snakes" I dropped it like a rock, probably scaring the garter snakes out of their minds..but I didn't know if I had a pissed off copperhead at my legs or not...

We had fun with the snakes, there wefre probably betgween 5 and 8 of them, but we couldn't shock the well as we had no ladder or tools and it wasn't as simple as "take the cap off and pour bleach down the pipe" We called the realtor and he said the testing company will do it for us for another $ that took care of that :) Hopefully the second test will go well and we'll be rid of it.

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