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Monday, June 29, 2009

Teen Raku Camp and The Raku BBQ

Today I start teaching a 3 day teen camp to culminate in a Raku Pottery. This camp is truly designed with Teens in mind. The class meets M,T,W from 1-4pm, then again on Sunday at 1 for the firing. No crack of dawn stuff for my teens :) Then of course there is the adult-authority sanctioned playing with fire on Sunday. Art, smoke and fire. who could ask for anything more..oh wait! and endless food for teenage bellies

The firing is going to be held in conjunction with what we are calling the Raku BBQ and Birthday Celebration. The class will fire their pieces just as the BBQ gets started, they can stay for sodas burgers, dogs and kebabs etc then as the day progresses more of my friends will show up to help me celebrate my 40th Birthday. 40! let me say again 40!

Anyway, here are some pictures of what I am working on...the vases are all for the Raku firing.

The Chip n dip is a special order and the udu's are just fun.

Udu's are quiet gentle drums great for apartment dwellers. I keep experimenting with shapes and sizes to get the sound I like best. These are going to be really sweet!


  1. Fantastic Udu's. I have two friends that are as serious about drumming as I am my pottery.
    Just tried making my first one.
    It turned out ok. If you have a post about making Udu's or tips you could email me that would be great. Been reading the blogsphere about pricing since I just started
    on Etsy myself. Hoping to turn my hobby into a business, I would love to sell at Ren fair's, I go every year in TX.

    Brian M.

  2. Udu's are pretty easy. They are a 2 day project for me. I throw the round bases in the evening. I leave them attached to the bats. The next morning when I go back to the studio I throw the stems and attach them via slip-n-score method to the bases while they are on the wheel. Then I trim the freshly attached necks until they are either seamless or have the right transition for the decorative attachments like you see in these pics. If you go back about a month or so in my postings you'll see several versions of these in my blogs. The attachment method I use is actually very similar to the one I use for goblets. Here is a video of that