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Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Night

I'm sitting in The Creative Oasis waiting for my teens..I haven't heard from anyone this week and it's beautiful out so I have a feeling attendance may be limited this evening. While I wait I thought I would reflect a little on the week. A lot has happened this week, some of it is in process still but some of it is done :)

Letsee..I am thrilled to have a new Dolan trimming tool. Dolan went out of business last year, but someone has revived them. I am so glad since this is one of 3 tools I ever use and this one is my favorite. See in the picture how worn out my old one is?

I arranged for a clay order today, so I can stop skimping on production and get to work (hey one of my kids showed up!) Morgan should be schlepping it into the studio now.

Ro and I loaded a glaze kiln, which is cooling right now.

(hey all my kids showed up!)

gotta go..they're wild tonight!

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