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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Slogging through the day

Today was one of those days where I wish I didn't have to work, even work for myself. My chest is congested, I'm running a mild fever and I have no focus whatsoever. BUT we have shows coming up and in order to sell the work I must make the work. are a few shots of the pieces I made today and yesterday. Tomorrow I'll finish them up and start another round of work..I'll probably also spend some time cleaning the studio a bit and mixing some glazes.

Tomorrow I'm going to have some extra help from Quentin, one of Morgans friends doing a little Tree cleanup and yard work. I'm glad because wow do we need some help and he needs some $$

Rowan is working hard on our Creative Oasis Birthday Bash and our own Mother's Day sale, though these are hectic times...I think it's all going to come together beautifully.

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  1. The downside of self-employment: no sick days.