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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Well my friends it's been a serious last few weeks. I've found myself rushed and harried, nothing quite working the way I expected it to. My last entry was about not staying up all night to work. It was a good decision. Those mugs I wanted to put handles on are still under plastic.

I was trying to get everything in the bisque kiln before we left for a surprise 50th birthday party for Rowan's best friend Mari. I think in retrospect I should have stayed home, but I wanted to be there too. We made it there OK, it was sweet and wonderful and she appreciated us being there. We did get to spend the night in a lovely beach house on LBI and had about 20 minutes on the beach before we left for home.

We came home on Sunday in time for me to make the final week of bowling and participate in the pizza and beer party that comes with it. I came home and didn't rush down to put handles on mugs because I found out that Jessa was coming home from FL and I could get two totes of mugs from her. So I glazed instead. Now the glaze kilns are both in process and I managed to sleep. We'll be ready for Ice Dragon this weekend in Buffalo.

Last night Ro and I went to a book reading at Webster's for Godmother written by Carolyn Turgeon, a beautiful, talented woman I went to high school with.. I'm proud of her success. I've realized that a lot of my friends are successful, they were all such individuals and non conformists in HS, but they've turned out to be doing some very interesting things, many of them self employed, nearly all of them making life a better place in different ways.

Tonight I am going to see Watchmen with a friend. A well deserved evening of relaxation. Tomorrow I'll deal with handles, pricing and packing.

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