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Sunday, March 1, 2009

As time flies

The days are just flying by again. It's Sunday morning, I'm sitting in Webster's Cafe downtown sipping coffee and trying to organize my thoughts while Rowan is standing on chairs waving a hammer and occasionally hitting the wall in between serious bouts of intense staring and assessment.

This means she's hanging her Ireland pictures today!

We've been waiting for the day, the frames have been neatly piled in the office and we've done a fair job of keeping the cats from walking over them. Currently I'm not sure if she's irritated with me or not, she asks for advice occasionally, but I don't feel like she actually needs it. She's got a pretty good eye for these things and despite her thinking I have more experience, I don't. So I've mostly been tapping away on the keyboard, assessing my friends on various social networks and putting in a few minutes on the games I play, like Pirates on MySpace and Mob Wars and Mafia Wars on Facebook. I assume if she REALLY wants me she'll let me know.

Yesterday was the culmination of my latest endeavor, 110 mug order also from Webster's. Obviously Webster's in general has become one center of our artistic endeavors. Elaine has created a social setting that works very well. Coffee and books are a time tested recipe at this point, but there is something more that keeps the customer loyalty. I think it's a serious commitment to get to know the customers and to be sure you always get good service and quality, locally produced food.

We tend to favor the Aaron Drive location since I no longer spend as much time in downtown State College as I used to, but since spending a few hours hanging around in the downtown I am overwhelmed with how vibrant and busy it is. I frequented Webster's downtown before Elaine took over and while it was busy and there was a rush, it was never as full all the time as I see it now. I am impressed.

I think one of the main things I see is a lack of stagnation and constant growth and change. Special events like poetry readings, local music, book signings help to drive new people in the doors. I've also never seen the furniture and shelving stay in the same arrangement for more than a few months. Consistency in food and service combined with growth and change make it a winning business, Not that there aren't problems, but I think in general they are handled well and positive solutions are sought for the difficulties that arise.

Elaine has also made a lot of friends by being very supportive of local non-profits. She has always been willing to help out The Creative Oasis, by selling mugs for a fundraiser, or providing food, drink, or even hosting an class.

It's been a pleasure watching Webster's grow and evolve and I am pleased to have been included in it with the mugs I make and the space to display Rowan's artwork on a regular basis. I'm even going to have a plate show in May on Aaron drive.

This turned out to be a lot of praise for Websters, but I have to admit the place has been very important for our local presence.

Ro is done hanging her show now. It looks amazing. She's had some good conversations about it already along with some nice general commentary from the public. Hopefully people will like the pictures well enough to take them home.

Between taking these awesome photographs, keeping Hughes Pottery organized and properly marketed, making awesome stained glass, teaching, and revitalizing The Creative Oasis, I think she's pretty amazing...I'm a lucky guy to have such an awesome wife!

I'd better end this now as she is bored to tears waiting for me to stop typing. And I didn't even get to yesterdays adventures in Wildcat Cheerleading competitions :)

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