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Monday, February 2, 2009

Welcome to February

Good Morning!

Each night I go to bed with an anticipation of what In should be doing the next day. I make some kind of plan and then hope that my energy levels will be restored by morning. They usually are. it's amazing to me how just being tired can make a simple problem seem insurmountable. Fortunately though I am not facing any of that level of problem :)

Today's plan was to take Morgan to the Oral Surgeon at 7:45 AM for another followup on his extraction. Poor kid got dry socket and they've been treating him every couple days with what seems to be a small bit of gauze soaked in clove oil and shoved into the socket. Today they decided he was officially healing nicely, so there is no need to do it again. Then I was going to head to Webster's and get some coffee and do my morning blog reading/ reconnecting with the outside world, then head home to throw for the rest of the day.

By the time I got to Websters my plan was shattered.

Stan called and said he was so sick he couldn't teach his classes tonight. Perhaps the 2nd time in ALL the time I have known him that he couldn't teach... So now I have a kids class at 4 and an adult class at 7.

But Dammit I am still taking my Webster's time (I am there now..blogging on the laptop) and after this I'll pick up the new TCO brochures Rowan made up at the convenient copy shop next door, then to the USPS to mail some very important things out (right Patti?) including a Pirate Mug and some Netflix. Then I'll head home and make the pots I prepped for last night. 50 lbs of clay..rice bowls and butter keepers on the immediate agenda. If there's time then I'll be prepping for some goblets, then the mug frenzy will begin. I need some more small mugs thrown and then I have an order of 110 more for Websters.

After that it'll be some more plates. I have a wall plate show in May here at Webster's on Aaron and I have an order to fill for Four Quarters Farm by the end of April. It'll be awesome, a dream project really, I've been doing development for the pieces since I got the order. I even developed a variation on an old glaze especially for it. Thats going to be another 40 pieces.

So it looks like I'll be locked in the basement studio for much of February and March. I should emerge just as the weather starts to turn friendly again.

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