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Monday, January 19, 2009

This weeks adventures

As always we have a lot going on...I'm going to summarize, post a few pictures of things and get busy again.

1) Florida Sales are going well so far, the first show performed about where I was thinking it would and next week the setup is moving from Ft. Myers to Gainesville. YAY

2) The Creative Oasis is having financial and staffing troubles again but we had the annual "should we keep going" meeting at The Creative Oasis and decided "YES!" We have been given some breathing room by the major creditors, landlord and the family that financed the original business loan for us.
Rowan has not only joined the battle, but is leading as what I called "Chief Antagonist and Pro Tempore Administrator" She's making a plan and gathering resources to get the place going. Based on what I see happening now I have complete faith we'll have a strong business within a couple months.

3) It's cold as the 7th level of Hell out there and our house in under attack by giant icicles.

4) Ro and I decided to learn how to cook our favorite Indian dishes at home..and while it was a major undertaking, mostly by her with me as a backup, we had amazing success!

5) I started bowling again. I joined a league put together by former HS classmate Julie Gold called "Gutter Trash" I feel at home already. Bowling was something I loved and was good at in's amazing how sore I am after a few games..just like going the gym.

6) We're having a few nibbles on selling the Erie house, it caused quite a bit of stress today when the agent called to say he was going to show it to the parents of potential buyers at 3, but it wasn't plowed out. *DAMN* and of course it is in Erie, so there is about 2 feet of snow blocking the driveway. She made a few calls, some of them were quite frustrating, but essentially she can't find anyone to do it in before 3. I hope they understand.

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