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Friday, December 12, 2008

The New Refrigerator

I thought we had it all wrapped up last night... we shopped, we paid, we arranged for delivery in time that we could cool it and use it in time for this weekends sale...we were even pretty happy we managed to find a 30" wide one that was a wee bit taller and would give us a little more freezer room. AND it was a great price to start with and an additional 10% off.

We were wrong.

I got the call it was arriving, and shortly after that I got the call it wasn't going to fit... ' the door was fine, the space for it was fine..the problem was in getting it between the counter and the basement door. No go. *sigh*

We rushed back to Lowe's, got the next smallest one, and this time in black, still an energy star (yay for us) ... they got it immediately onto a truck and we rushed back home to receive it about 1/2 hour later. YAY. Disaster averted.

I'm pleased to have one so fast that's not the best one available, but until we can make more kitchen, that's just not going to happen. I think it actually may be the best one that does fit :)

The first delivery crew we had were really on top of things...the second not so much..I had to coach them to remove the door of the fridge and on the house...*sigh* but it got done. It's a cold box for our food. YAY!

Next is the range...the door handle fell off the oven two days ago..and we want to upgrade to gas from electric..maybe once the ren faire season starts up again in January

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